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Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) – an agency, created in August 2005 to address the development and transportation challenges in the northeastern Illinois region.  CMAP prepared the Go To 2040 Plan for the region.

Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) – operates the bus transit and rail rapid transit systems for Chicago and 38 surrounding suburbs; the second largest public transportation system in the United States; operates about 1,900 buses and 1,100 rail rapid transit cars.  The CTA started working with IDOT on the Eisenhower Transportation Corridor in 2012. and

CSX Railroad – a freight railroad company that operates tracks through Oak Park.  CSX is part of the CREATE Study (Chicago Regional Environmental and Transportation Efficiency).  The CREATE Study is implementing projects as studies are complete and funding is available.  The tracks located in the Eisenhower Transportation Corridor used to be part of the CREATE Study, but this is no longer true.  When the Canadian National Railroad (CN) purchased the EJ&E tracks, the railroad diverted trains that used to run through Oak Park to the EJ&E tracks.

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) – the agency within the U.S. Department of Transportation that focuses on roadways.  Their web site has publications and statistics, laws and regulations, policy and guidance, and resources on a wide variety of topics.

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) – the agency within the U.S. Department of Transportation that focuses on transit systems, including rail and bus transit systems (CTA and PACE), commuter rail systems (Metra), and paratransit systems.  Their web site has information on grant programs, funding and finance, and regional offices

Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) – the state agency that deals with transportation including the interstate highways in Illinois, state highways, transit systems, inter-city passenger and rail freight systems, traffic safety and the planning and coordination for transportation systems.  IDOT started their Phase 1: Engineering and Environmental Study for the Eisenhower Expressway in October 2009 and the CTA joined the study in 2012. and 

Metra – the commuter rail system that includes the Union Pacific – West Line that runs from downtown Chicago to Geneva (and Elburn), and stops at Marion Street in Oak Park; operates a 495-mile system with 230 stations

PACE – operates the suburban bus transit system that includes fixed bus routes, Dial-A-Ride, vanpools, and special event buses in Chicago’s six-county suburban region.

Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) – the financial oversight and regional planning agency for three public transit operators – CTA, Metra, and Pace. The RTA completed Phase 1 (Travel Market Analysis) and Phase 2 (Feasibility Study) of the Cook-DuPage Corridor Study and formally closed the study without completing Phase 3 (Alternatives Analysis).

Village of Oak Park – the Village’s involvement with Eisenhower issues include a citizen committee report in 2003, Cap the Ike Feasibility Study in 2005, Architectural Survey along the I-290 Corridor in 2012, Preliminary Plans, Profiles, and Cross Sections in 2014, Bridge Crossings in 2015, and the Harlem and Austin Interchanges in 2015. and the Eye on the Ike section of their web site is

West Cook Municipal Conference (WCMC) – the regional Council of Governments for communities located in, or contiguous to, West Cook County.  For the Eisenhower Transportation Corridor, WCMC completed an analysis of system alternatives and is currently working on a Smart Corridors for arterials.